Ever since Project Runway moved to Lifetime, it has slowly mutated and spawned to fill all those empty hours the network couldn’t otherwise fill with Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva, and movies where cheating husbands kidnap children from breast cancer survivors just in time for Christmas. Joining the late Models Of The Runway, Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, On The Road With Austin And Santino, and those extra, thoroughly necessary 30 extra minutes of contestants undercutting each other on the original Runway is its newest spinoff, Project Runway: Accessories, which producer Harvey Weinstein has just sold to the network, likely with a minimum of effort or words beyond the title and an “Eh???”

Naturally, there are few details to go on at this point, other than the suggestion that the show will find designers (thoughtfully) forsaking the Bluefly Accessories Wall and fashioning their own accoutrements—cobbling shoes, blocking hats, slaughtering cows and stretching and tanning their hides into the perfect clutch, and smelting various ores to create fabulous jewelry—all within a short timeframe. Suggested catchphrase for sassy breakout contestant: “I will weld a bitch.”