Fans of Michael Kupperman's hilariously surreal Tales Designed To Thrizzle comics should be aware that his beloved characters Snake 'N' Bacon (Sample dialogue: "Ssssss…;" "Put me on your sandwich!") will be on your basic-cable-enabled televisions this weekend. Quoth Kupperman:

"Snake ’N' Bacon the TV show pilot is going to be broadcast as part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming, on May 10th at 12:45 AM*. The cast includes Kristin Schaal, Dan Bakkedahl, Bill Hader, Peter Serafinowicz,  James Urbaniak, Brian Stack, and David Rakoff, in live-action and animated segments."


Kupperman fans should also take a moment to subscribe to the cartoonist's Twitter feed, if they haven't already. If you need convincing, here a handful of Kupperman tweets from the past 24 hours:

Students at Tokyo elementary school were delighted to find teacher had been replaced by robot Fonzie, who apologized for murdering teacher.

"Peter Andre suggested I write a novel, which is why that is what I am doing right now, this is it." #badwordstostartanovel

Tonight was the AFI salute to Punchy Lewis. What got the standing ovation was a moving clip from "Dance Faster, You Gorgon!"


If those amuse you, consider checking out Snake 'N' Bacon. If they don't, so be it.

*(Technically, it's May 11th at 12:45 A.M…. right after Sunday becomes Monday. But you get the idea.)**


**(I received a message from Mr. Kupperman that the show does air on late Saturday/early Sunday. That's not what my TiVo shows, nor the TV Guide website, but you may want to watch on both nights just in case.)