Donald Trump, famed for his appearances in The Little Rascals and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York among others, has become an honest-to-God factor in the 2016 presidential election by virtue of saying whatever comes into his head, the more offensive and sound bite-ready, the better. Now, thanks to a man named Phillip Pastore, users can turn the tables and make the Donald say whatever comes into their heads, no matter how off-message it is. Pastore is the creator of, a self-described “audio experiment” that allows people to type in tweet-length messages, 140 characters or fewer, and play them back in the voices of various celebrities, as culled from, in the site’s own words, “popular music, movies and TV, viral YouTube videos, historic speeches… and especially Donald Trump!” Those who wish to skip directly to the application’s Trump feature may do so here. is still in its beta-testing phase, and its robotic duplication of Donald Trump only has 1,743 words in its vocabulary, so RoboTrump is not capable of saying everything in his own, much-imitated voice. At this point, the pseudo-Trump cannot even say the word “immigrants.” A preliminary attempt to turn the real estate mogul into an old-school rapper likewise proved frustrating. When doesn’t have a particular Trump sound in its database, it will cover the gaps by using voices from other sources, like pop songs and sitcoms. A typical Trump utterance, therefore, might include soundbites from Rebecca Black, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, the cast of Seinfeld, and even, jarringly, Martin Luther King Jr. And when even those sources fail, will compensate with a generic, emotionless female voice. For now, Say It With Trump is just a neat toy, something with which to while away a few amusing minutes. And, with perseverance and a little ingenuity, users can get the candidate to say, “Immigration made this country great, and it will make this country great again.”


[via Mashable]