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Professional awful person Ann Coulter to say awful things about Rob Lowe

(Photo: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

The job descriptions of a Comedy Central roaster and an “in your face” political pundit are actually pretty similar: Find the cruelest possible way to say something inventively horrible— with just a hint of truth behind it, most of the time—and then wait for the outrage/laughs to roll in. So it’s actually kind of fitting that fake political thinker Ann Coulter has been tapped to lay into former fake politician Rob Lowe, with Coulter scheduled to appear on the dais for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe. (If nothing else, the genial former West Wing star will hopefully be able to suck up some of the Coulter-bile that might otherwise be directed toward Muslim-Americans, at least for a night.)

Joining Coulter on the panel—or at least occupying the same general physical space as her—are a more standard assortment of mean-tongued comedians and celebrities who passed the “was he available?” test. Lowe’s old Outsiders co-star Ralph Macchio will be on hand to remind him to stay gold, for instance. Meanwhile comedians Pete Davidson, Rob Riggle, Nikki Glaser, Jimmy Carr, and cryogenically frozen roast ghoul Jeff Ross will all take turns lobbing barbs about sex tapes and Snow White and why the hell Ann Coulter is there. David Spade will host, confident in the knowledge that, for at least one beautiful, shining night, he won’t be the least likable person in a room.


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