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Production begins on "Kick-Ass 2 to begin production" rumors

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After years of Mark Millar-stoked speculation, production has finally begun on the rumors of production beginning on a sequel to Kick-Ass, with Deadline reporting that Universal is in talks about continuing the potential franchise, for real this time. Millar started producing rumors regarding making a follow-up to his cult comic-book adaptation almost simultaneously with the original's release in 2010, though he was constantly beset by minor, quibbling factors such as no one else being officially involved and no one actually paying for it. But it seems production of those rumors are finally back on, now that Universal is considering handing the reins of Kick-Ass 2 over to its screenwriter Jeff Wadlow—with original director Matthew Vaughn's blessing—provided it can also lock in new deals with stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Promisingly, this latest production already seems to be going much more smoothly, even beyond the fact that Nicolas Cage isn't involved. The rumors now include a proposed August shooting date, suggesting that pretty soon they can move on to the post-rumor-production of actually making it already.


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