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Possessed by the demon of envy over all the attention Hannibal and Bates Motel have received, the spinning heads of Morgan Creek have regurgitated their own idea for a TV adaptation of a big-screen horror franchise: The Exorcist, which they hope will someday suck cock in basic cable hell. Deadline reports that the project is being developed by The Ring producer Roy Lee and screenwriter Jeremy Slater (most recently attached to the Fantastic Four reboot and that new Fables adaptation), and shopped to both broadcast networks and cable channels. Presumably they're doing this by saying, “The Exorcist….The Series” before just sitting back smugly, letting a hushed awe fill the room.


No details yet on how they plan to turn William Peter Blatty’s novel into a sustainable series, though Deadline notes Slater has “a brand new take on the material.” So perhaps it involves a young girl who becomes possessed by the devil, then they both move to Nantucket and open up a small airport, where the more responsible girl has to put up with the antics of her devil-may-care devil. Oh, wait. That was Wings. Well, hopefully it will be as good as Wings.

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