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Producers of The Pacific working on 3D World War II film

If you thought Emmy-winner The Pacific already adequately covered the Pacific theater of World War II, stop to ask yourself this: Was it in 3D? No, it was not in 3D, hence Warner Bros.’ upcoming The Battle Of Midway, based on a pitch from The Pacific writer and co-executive producer Bruce C. McKenna, who will craft another $200 million-plus project about that pivotal three-day naval campaign of 1942. It’s not the first time Midway has been turned into a film—John Ford beat everyone to the punch by turning out the Oscar-winning documentary The Battle Of Midway that very year, while 1976’s Midway united Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, Hal Holbrook, and James Coburn—and the film will follow Universal’s similarly expensive battlin’ boats film Battleship. However, according to Deadline, producers of Midway plan to make this film a closer cousin to Saving Private Ryan or Pearl Harbor—though we find it hard to believe anyone actually mentioned an ambition to emulate Pearl Harbor—and given McKenna’s work on The Pacific, it’s bound to be the most serious 3-D film we’ve seen yet. (At least, until James Cameron re-releases his also-about-big-boats epic Titanic.)


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