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Producers of film mocking the idea of remaking Bewitched now actually remaking Bewitched

Fulfilling television’s prevailing trends toward the supernatural and slick remakes of kitschy classics, CBS is now looking to update Bewitched, the ’60s sitcom about a powerful witch trying to live as a normal suburban housewife, and frequently upsetting the balance of the universe just to throw a nice dinner party. Tearing its own hole in the fabric of reality is the fact that the show will be produced, along with Miss Congeniality screenwriter Marc Lawrence, by Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher—the same team behind the 2005 film Bewitched, which is about an update of Bewitched and what a laughable, cynical idea that is, all while being, in itself, a cynical update. Of course, the film copped this attitude way before ABC brought back Charlie’s Angels, CBS enjoyed success with Hawaii Five-O, and NBC even decided it was time to remake The Munsters, of all things—all of which have dispersed any lingering doubts about the idea in television executives, in much the way that the effects of a horrible spell gone awry on your easily manipulated husband are made all better with a hug.


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