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Producers of 300 working on trilogy about Julius Caesar

The creative team behind 300, producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton, has announced that its next historical, probably homoerotic swords-and-sandals epic will be an adaptation of Conn Iggulden’s Emperor book series about the early life of Julius Caesar. Flags Of Our Fathers screenwriter William Broyles Jr. has reportedly already written the script for the film, which is being pitched as the first in an Emperor trilogy. There’s no word yet on how much the first film will cover of Iggulden’s opus—also the name of a great jazz-fusion band in suburban Delaware, or it should be—but considering Emperor spans the life of Caesar from age 8 to his death at the hands of the Roman senate, there’s certainly plenty of material here to cover more than one film, should the first one prove successful. And as with 300, there’s every reason to think it will be, considering Iggulden takes frequent dramatic license for storytelling purposes, giving Nunnari and Canton free rein to once again make history a little more kick-ass.


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