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Producers of 24 now bringing you the Trial Of The Century

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Evan Katz and Howard Gordon, the 24 producers who recently reteamed for the miniseries 24: Live Another Day, will continue working together on a new Fox drama. Trial Of The Century is a serialized legal thriller about a young Latina attorney who—in the span of time it would take Jack Bauer to foil a nuclear bomb plot, a presidential assassination, and his daughter's wedding to a guy Jack doesn't think is quite right for her—will probably file a motion or something, then wait 23-and-a-half hours to see what the judge says.

Still, there's some hope that the show will involve lots of 24-style yelling, and that every cross-examination question will be, "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!?!?" Torture may be too much to ask for from a courtroom drama, but we bet Antonin Scalia would allow it, if it weren't for those eight lightweights he has to share a bench with. At some point, we also fully expect the courtroom's bailiffs to set up a perimeter from which the defendant will quickly and easily escape to the traffic court across the hall.


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