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Producers looking to turn "interactive drama" video game Heavy Rain into regular old drama

From the Dept. of Redundancies Dept.: According to Deadline, ex-New Line producers Bob Shaye and Michael Lyne are close to making a deal to adapt the PlayStation game Heavy Rain for their new, ironically named Unique Features. For the unfamiliar, Heavy Rain was pitched as a new type of game—one that’s more like a choose-your-own-adventure film where every decision, no matter how seemingly mundane, affects the development of the story. And thanks to its commitment to realism and emotional investment in its characters—not to mention a bleak production design ripped straight out of a David Fincher film—Heavy Rain drew a lot of praise for attempting to elevate games to something approaching interactive cinema, which makes the decision to turn it into regular old cinema seem like a step backwards. Call us pessimistic, but take away the “interactive” part of that equation, and what you’re left with is just another serial killer B-movie, ideas for which you can probably find on half the MacBooks in L.A.

Besides, there's just no way they'll ever do justice to the tooth-brushing scenes.

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