(Photo: Getty Images/The Washington Post, Salwan Georges)

After the Charlottesville rally failed to convince rational Americans that Nazis and white supremacists are anything but disgusting, hateful monsters who are utterly worthless to this country beyond giving us a common enemy we can all rally against (unless you’re Donald Trump, of course), a huge number of counter-protestors showed up in Boston recently to shut down another attempted Nazi rally. Now, the backlash against these racists has been such a shock to their supposed superiority that pro-Trump groups have canceled rallies all over the country, and according to a report from Newsweek (via Uproxx), one in particular has decided to move a series of anti-Muslim rallies online in hopes of protecting its fragile members from actually having to stand up for their pathetic, stupid, and evil views.

The group in question is ACT For America, which has released a whining, disingenuous statement about trying to protect people who can’t “peacefully express their opinion” without being in danger of “physical harm from terror groups domestic and international.” The group—which the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League believe to be the largest anti-Muslim group in the U.S.—was supposed to hold anti-Muslim rallies on September 9, but now they’ll be “conducted through online and other media.”


Newsweek points out that it’s not totally clear what that means, but it seems safe to assume that an online anti-Muslim rally will look a lot like posting racist memes on Reddit, saying stupid shit in Breitbart comments, and getting into arguments with strangers on Twitter. Then, they’ll all return to their safe internet bubbles and assure each other that everyone else is wrong and that they’re the smart ones, all without actually having to face any of the people they think they’re so much better than.