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Private Practice decides to just get rid of Tim Daly

In potentially sad news for fans who care deeply about Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice and/or the stable employment of Tim Daly, Tim Daly has revealed that he has been let go from the series after creator Shonda Rhimes opted not to pick up his contract for the show's sixth season. "It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder," Daly announced via his Twitter account, suggesting that his character—who found himself jailed in its recent season finale for compassionately killing a patient on life support—might go the way of so many Shonda Rhimes characters and die next year, most likely dispatched offhandedly with an "Oh, by the way, Pete was shivved in prison last night. Now give me 20 CCs of something, and also I think we should break up. Doctor stuff!" On the upside, this decision could be a boon to your Private Practice/Wings crossover fan fiction that you are definitely writing and which you should link to in the comments because everyone would like to read it. [via TV Line]


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