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Prison Break might be the next show to get a limited series revival

Prison Break

After four seasons of breaking out of prisons, getting sent to different prisons, breaking out of those prisons, and then doing something that didn’t seem particularly related to breaking out of prisons at all, Fox’s Prison Break is apparently next on the list of old-ish TV shows that deserve to come back for some reason. According to Deadline, “no formal talks” have taken place yet, but series creator Paul Scheuring apparently has an idea for what the storyline of a Prison Break revival would look like. There are no specifics, but Deadline believes that it would involve “a prison break.” We know that sounds like a wacky joke, but no, this is real life.

Original stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell—who play Snow Miser and Heat Miser on The CW’s superhero shows, including the upcoming Legends Of Tomorrow—have apparently “acknowledged publicly” that they’d be willing to return to the Prison Break universe, so that’s about as good as an actual confirmation. Interestingly, as people who actually watched the last season of Prison Break may recall, Miller’s character died near the end. Bringing him back would probably require a bit of explaining. Also, Deadline says that “many” of the show’s original cast members will make cameo appearances, and that “a third co-lead character” might join zombie Miller and Purcell.


Still, though, none of this is official, so it might not happen at all.

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