In the past, the honor of having your face appear on toast was reserved for celebrities, like Jesus or the Virgin Mary. But in the age of the selfie, we have all become our own personal Jesuses, and now, thanks to the fine folks at the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation (Cryptocoins Accepted!) we can all indulge in the quasi-religious luxury of having our faces burnt into bread.

“This is a first in the novelty toaster world,” said company president Galen Dively, talking to Reuters, voicing a sentiment we probably all thought we’d never live to hear. For the low, low price of $75, you can send a picture to the company, and they’ll send you a toaster that will produce an image of said picture on any bread that’s lucky enough to be inserted into it. “I am eating my own face,” you will think, as you noisily chew your breakfast. “My face is delicious with butter and jam.” [via The Daily Dot]