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Princess Leia did a lot of cocaine while she was on Hoth

Always good for a childhood innocence-sullying anecdote, Carrie Fisher revealed today that she did cocaine on the set of The Empire Strikes Back—specifically on the ice planet Hoth, the floating eight-ball of the galaxy. Talking to Australian reporters to promote her Wishful Drinking comedy show, Fisher said that the filming of Empire coincided with the peak of her own drug usage, and that she “didn't even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high.” Perhaps when George Lucas finally gets around to rendering Empire in 3D, we’ll be able to see any lingering Neil Young-in-The Last Waltz-sized coke boogers sprouting lifelike from Princess Leia’s nasal cavities. Also, perhaps this explains why Leia would kiss her own brother, and other Star Wars-on-drugs jokes.

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