A tribute built on the fence of Prince's Paisley Park Estate. (Photo: Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

Ever since Princeā€™s death in April, thereā€™s been an ongoing conversation about what would become of his famous Paisley Park estate. The assumption so far has been that the Chanhassen, Minnesota compoundā€”where the musician and actor both lived, and recorded multiple albums worth of music in his private studioā€”would be inherited by his siblings and half-siblings. Today, the Associated Press is reporting that plans are going forward to transform the estate into a museum to the artistā€™s life, with Graceland Holdingsā€”the company that operates the museum built out of Elvis Presleyā€™s Memphis mansionā€”operating the tours.

Paisley Park will open to the purple-loving public on October 6, according to the trust company overseeing the estate. Tickets for the 70-minute tours will run you $38.50, with VIP packages available for Prince superfans. The tour will include Princeā€™s recording studio, as well as ā€œiconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, artwork, rare music and video recordings, concert memorabilia, automobiles and motorcycles,ā€ and, presumably, a glimpse of the basketball court where Charlie Murphy once got taken to school.