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Prince’s family wants a reality show

(Photo: Getty Images/AFP, Bertrand Guay)

According to TMZ, Prince’s family has been purposefully trying to stop the release of a new album of unreleased music, but it’s not because they don’t want people to hear the songs he left behind. As it turns out, they want to save the songs for a reality show project they’re developing about “how their lives have changed” since Prince’s death. The idea is that the songs will debut on the show, either so the estate has more control over what happens with them or so the songs can give the reality show a promotional boost, but it’s unclear if there’d be any connection between the music and the show beyond that.

The project reportedly has a production company on board, but there’s no actual deal in place just yet as this is all apparently very early. Either way, if you’re wondering why that EP has been shut down, it’s apparently because of this.


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