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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Never let it be said that Prince only has sex on the brain. While he might be best known for making sweet love to your ear canals with thinly veiled references to your delicate lady flower, Prince lives in this world too, and even when he's busy getting down he knows when things are fucked up.

Take "Dear Mr. Man," a track on the new Never Forget: A Journey Of Revelations from famed Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West, featuring collaborations with hip-hop and R&B; stars like Andre 3000, Taleb Kweli, Rhymefest, and Jill Scott among others. The song is a frank rebuke aimed at the current adminstration, all of its lies about the war, the environment, and everything else "The Man" is responsible for. In between West's spoken word commentary, Prince (naturally) provides a funky horn soundtrack and offers interjections like:

"Who said that to kill was a sin and start every single war that your people be in? / Who said that water was a precious commodity then dropped a big black oil slick in the deep blue sea? / Who told me, Mr. Man, that working around the clock would buy me a big house in the hood, cigarette ad on every block?"


One teensy question: Is he referring to the same "Man" behind Prince's new perfume?

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