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Prince launches an Instagram account, dubs it “Princetagram”

Next stop, Snapchat (Photo: Getty Images)

Prince is many things: the greatest multi-instrumentalist of his generation; a strange, mercurial recluse; and the subject of many memes. Last Thursday, at least two of those facets of Princedom collided with the launch of his Instagram account, officially dubbed “Princetagram.” Prince’s embrace of online photo sharing represents a 180 in terms of social media policy; last year, he quit social media entirely after an unsuccessful attempt at launching a Facebook account. He also declared the internet “over” in 2010.

But now he seems to be returning to the internet with the zeal of the converted. He posted more than 100 times over the weekend, including a picture of Charlie Murphy playing him on Chappelle’s Show, several mocking memes, pictures of him early in his career, and a ton of concert photos. So far, the account has picked up nearly 68,000 followers.


[via Consequence Of Sound]


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