(Photo: Getty Images, Michael Ochs Archives)

There has probably never been a person in the history of the world who is more associated with a single color than Prince was with purple, so Prince’s estate and the Pantone Color Institute have teamed up to honor him with his very own hue of purple called “Love Symbol #2”—a nod the thing he changed his name to in the ‘90s. As explained by Refinery 29, this particular purple, which was designed to match Prince’s custom Yamaha piano, will now be the standardized purple for all Prince-related things in the future. In a statement, the entertainment adviser for Prince’s estate said that this is “an incredible way for his legacy to live on forever.” A press release adds that the estate is also preparing for collaborations with “various partners” for “products that incorporate the custom [Love Symbol #2] color.”

You can see the color for yourself below.

(Image: Pantone Color Institute)