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Earlier this week it was announced that, despite its troubles, CBS was renewing The Arsenio Hall Show for another season. This vote of confidence from the network alone wouldn’t be enough to rectify the show’s flaws–most notably its struggle to land guests on par with its late-night competition. Yet, much like Hall was delivered the news of his renewal from postman Jay Leno, he was once again the recipient of some show-shaking snail-mail last night.

The always-theatrical Prince sent a “letter-bearing clone”—likely one of many he keeps around for events such as these—to offer his services to Hall for an evening. According to that letter, on Wednesday, March 5 the eccentric star will be Arsenio’s lone guest, though that didn’t stop Prince from claiming he’d also  be bringing “all of America” along with him. Though a Prince boost will likely help, it’s hard to gauge yet whether this is truly a sign of what lies ahead for Arsenio. But at the very least, Prince will surely feel at home amid Arsenio’s flowing purple backdrop.

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