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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Jon Cryer was the runner-up in the competition for Molly Ringwald’s heart (maybe he should have worn more pastels?), but Pretty In Pink was in fact loosed upon the Clearasil-toting world on February 28, 1986. John Hughes’ romantic comedy about the risks and rewards of bucking your high school’s caste system starred Ringwald, Cryer, and Andrew McCarthy in a kind of love triangle that James Spader (in prime snob form) felt the need to knock for some reason. If you’re old enough to have seen the movie in theaters during its original fun, feel free to think back to how cheap the tickets were (even adjusting for inflation). Also, if you’re old enough, feel free to enumerate the ways in which Andy and Blaine were totally wrong for each other and declare your undying love for the film’s Otis Redding impersonator.

In honor of its diamond (formerly pearl—inflation, man) anniversary, Pretty In Pink will briefly return to the big screen(s) next month, so get ready to do the Stray Cat Strut or otherwise find your way to one of the dozen Chicago theaters that will be screening it. The shows are set for February 14 and 17, the better to flaunt your love or loneliness. Tickets are available via Fathom Events, which also handled the 25th anniversary screenings of another Hughes film, Home Alone.


[h/t Chicago Tribune]

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