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Pretension is for sale in Twitter’s amusing #HipsterClassifieds

Photo: Jonas Gratzer/Getty Images

Where can people go when they want to find unicycles built for two, ridiculously oversized scarves that impede motion and vision, or penny-farthing bike locks? The regular classified ads simply won’t do. Instead, the terminally quirky can take refuge in the #HipsterClassifieds, thanks to a hashtag that started trending on Twitter late Thursday. The trend can be traced back to users @BadRonen, whose current profile pic shows an alarmingly curly mustache, and @swissmistress, whose header photo is a giant, leering closeup of geek god Jeff Goldblum. Blessedly, the Twitter community responded to the #HipsterClassifieds challenge in a big way. This might be one of the last major expressions of hipster-based comedy, sadly. Skinny jeans and dive bars have served as reliable punchline fodder for years, but the hipster may have gone the way of the dodo.

In the meantime, while people still remember what a “hipster” even was, Mashable’s Sam Hayson has rounded up some of the best #HipsterClassifieds tweets. And they’re a consistent delight. Naturally, there’s a joke about being into the most obscure bands imaginable, like this one courtesy of @BadRonen himself.


And no hipster-themed thread would be complete without some variation on the phrase “before it was cool.”

In that respect, yes, hipsters would make excellent waiters. So much for the theory that they serve no practical purpose in society. They can make furniture, too. It just depends on how one defines the word “furniture.” This is more of a minimalist, deconstructionist take on a traditional dining room set.


But Hayson deems the greatest #HipsterClassifieds tweet of all to be one that pays tribute to the music world’s most elaborately accessorized stars.


Notice how @layingbackeatin is not confined by the traditional spelling of the name “Kravitz.”


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