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It’s not like anyone expected anything else, but the Ricky Gervais’ monologue that opened the 77th annual Golden Globes was exactly the sort of antagonistic, smarter-than-thou comedy routine that he’s done every time the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has asked him to host the show—this is the fifth time, and as he repeatedly noted after every edgy as hell gag, it will also be the last. Now, thanks to the wonder of home video, you can recreate the feeling of being a celebrity in the audience of the Golden Globes by putting on a fake smile and trying very hard to laugh as he talks about it being a big year for pedophiles and how the Globes decided not to do an “In Memoriam” montage because too many of the people who died were white. (Credit where it’s due, there was a Jeffrey Epstein joke that landed pretty well.)

Unfortunately, after a run of tolerable jokes, Gervais interrupted himself with a little rant about how everyone in the audience is a hypocrite for working with big companies like Amazon and Netflix and Apple and how nobody has the right to thank any of these companies in their speeches because none of the actors in attendance went to school. Maybe he has a point, but there are few things more exhausting in Hollywood than a rich guy yelling at a bunch of other rich people about he’s more “woke” than they are. Also, Stellan Skarsgard made a funnier joke than Gervais’ entire monologue when he credited his win for Chernobyl to the fact that he finally got to play a character with prominent eyebrows.


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