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Presumably preoccupied with questions about Hoverboards, NBC loses Michael Schur and Dan Goor’s cop comedy to Fox

Having committed 22 episodes to Michael J. Fox’s return to series television, the thoughts of NBC Universal bosses turned, probably, to all the questions they’d like to ask their returning golden child about the Hoverboard from Back To The Future Part II. “Is Marty McFly able to glide around a futuristic Hill Valley town square thanks to some sort of magnetic repulsion?” executives assumedly thought to themselves, momentarily taking their eye off the ball of that previously announced, Universal-developed Michael Schur-Dan Goor cop comedy. In all likelihood, their thoughts drifted to questions like “Why don’t Hoverboards work on water unless you’ve got power?” and “How close is modern science to developing a real-life Hoverboard?,” losing the chance to spitball these questions with the actors playing the New York cops on Schur and Goor’s new show, which ignited a bidding war won by Fox (the network, not the guy who, thanks to movie magic, once zipped through a Universal backlot on a fictional Mattel product). Soon, daydreams of asking Michael J. Fox if he felt foolish riding a pink Hoverboard clouded the theoretical executives’ heads, blocking out all memories of how, like The Mindy Project and Jason Katims and Sarah Watson’s new medical drama, they’d once again let a promising show being partially produced on their dime slip through their fingers. But what won’t slip through their fingers is the chance to bug Michael J. Fox all about the Hoverboard. Maybe they’ll even ask him to do the dance from Teen Wolf!


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