Fresh on the Associated Press wire is a story that brings together assorted criticisms of Dane Cook (ahem, look at the story's slug in the URL), including accusations that he's swiped material from Louis CK and abruptly extended his opening set for another comedian, er, this one time.

The story's got both an "expert" quote:

Stephen Rosenfield, director of the American Comedy Institute, says Cook's influence on standup is "in selling, as opposed to an artistic impact."

"He's been able to make it without going through the same process that a lot of comics go through, in terms of using the clubs and working their material out that way," says Rosenfield. But, he adds, Cook is "kind of like Perrier water. It's brilliantly bottled, but it's still seltzer."


…And a lukewarm "we-don't-mean-it-too-much" kicker:

And right now, with roles in four upcoming films and two shows Sunday at Madison Square Garden in New York, the Dane Train is full steam ahead.