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Several states, including New York, have passed legislation in recent years to ban the use of ticket bots in an effort to scale back on online scalping. There are significant penalties in place now, including jail time, which may take effect across the country now that President Barack Obama has signed a federal law against ticket bots. Engadget reports the “Better Online Ticket Sales (BOTS) Act of 2016” bill, which criminalizes the use of bots or software to purchase tickets, is now a piece of federal legislation. Reselling any tickets procured this way is now illegal, too. Under the new BOTS Act, state governments can bring civil suits on behalf of their residents to U.S. district courts for restitution and damages, which the Federal Trade Commission can intervene on, if necessary. It’s not exactly closing out your two-term presidency with a bang, but this is also one of the only bills that have made it through both houses of Congress, so we think he’ll take what he can get.


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