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Because he’s a wimp—or maybe just a sitting global leader with a sense of dignity and self-respect—Barack Obama refused to drink his own piss on television last night. The cowardly and/or completely reasonable move came as the president appeared on NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, tackling the Alaskan wilderness with the famous extreme adventurer. Though Obama did eat some scavenged salmon that had previously been gnawed on by a bear, the president said drinking his own urine was pushing things a bit too far. It’s worth nothing, however, that he wouldn’t rule it out if he was trapped in some sort of dire situation. As he told Grylls, “I suppose, in extremis, it’s something that I would do—if the alternative was death.” He noted, however, “It’s not something I’d make a habit of. And I probably wouldn’t do it just for a TV show.”


Former reality show host and current presidential candidate Donald Trump could not be reached for comment.

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