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President Obama names his favorite rappers, meets Aerosmith

(Photo: Getty Images, Ethan Miller)

President Obama only has a little bit of time left to enjoy the perks of the Oval Office, and it looks like he’s making the most of these next few months. He’s going on Full Frontal this week, he got to enjoy an elaborate Mario Batali feast, and he held a music festival with Leonardo DiCaprio and the Stranger Things kids. Now, there are two more fun things he got to do because he’s about to lose his job and everybody feels bad for him and/or deeply respects him and thinks he’s a cool dude.

For starters, President Obama recently got a chance to talk with Sway for Sway In The Morning and discuss the current state of rap music (via Consequence Of Sound). Obama named some of the rappers he’s a fan of these days, highlighting Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper as doing “amazing work” and noting that “the girls love Drake.” However, as Obama acknowledges, he’s kind of biased toward Chance because he’s known him since he was a little kid due to his dad being Obama’s state director when he was a senator. They also talked about the importance of voting, but that’s not nearly as cool. (We’re just kidding, voting is actually super cool.)

Speaking of things that are cool, though, President Obama also got a chance to meet Aerosmith—which may have been more exciting for them than it was for him. As reported by Rolling Stone, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith recently found themselves stuck at an airport in Florida when air traffic was shut down due to the arrival of Air Force One. Obama was in Florida to campaign for Hillary Clinton, but when he heard Aerosmith was nearby, he invited them over for a quick hang session.


Both Perry and Tyler are pretty staunch Republicans—though not enough to hold them back from sending lawyers after Trump when he used one of their songs without permission—but they were still fairly awed by the opportunity to talk with a sitting president. “I still have a lot of respect for the office,” Perry said, adding that, “sitting there with the Commander-In-Chief and leader of the free world…it was really cool.”

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