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President Obama mocks Trump’s criticism of his administration on Kimmel Live

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Dad jeans aside, President Barack Obama has long since proved he’s the coolest Commander In Chief we’ll ever have. It’s not just the Daily Show appearances, SXSW-like festival organizing, Finnish heavy metal appreciation, or professed love of sci-fi; nor has it been the yearly playlist release or even Game Of Thrones fandom. President Obama is both “cool” in the sense that he’s hip (and now we sound totally uncool), as well as collected. He’s addressed his accomplishments and shortcomings in verse and, as he nears the end of his presidency, he’s also aware of comments from the orange peanut gallery. The President is currently campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and other down-ticket candidates, but he took some time to respond to Donald Trump’s unfocused criticism via his favorite social-media platform.

Actually, that tweet was surprisingly focused, unlike some of the typed gibberish that’s found its way onto Trump’s direct line to the people. But President Obama kept his cool and, just like John Oliver recently did, reminded Trump of another thing he’s missing. You might have guessed “the presidency,” which is accurate, but Trump probably has something more tangible in mind, like presidential M&M’s.


During the interview portion, the President noted the lack of civility in Trump’s campaign amid all the merchandise, and reminded us all that he’s not the type of person to “tweet at 3 a.m. about people who insult me.”

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