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Finally proving right all those who have accused him of a wanton abuse of executive power, President Obama recently asked HBO CEO Richard Plepler to hand over advance copies of True Detective and the fourth season of Game Of Thrones—the sort of privilege demanded only by the truly megalomaniacal, such as third-world despots and TV critics. The New York Times passed along word of Obama’s executive order of some DVDs in reporting on the friendly “arms race” developing between HBO and Netflix—an arms race that, like those taking place across enemy nations, Obama would prefer not to think about this President’s Day, while he just takes a little President-time to watch his stories. So, during last week’s state dinner for French President Francois Hollande, Obama asked Plepler for some advance episodes to watch over the weekend, just like you would do if you had the opportunity and drones.


While Plepler has been historically pretty cool about giving away his content, there’s nothing in the NYT article indicating that he complied with Obama’s demands, or whether he might suddenly find himself the CEO of Gitmo. However, Obama apparently found something else to occupy himself with besides the world in House Of Cards’ second season, as he—or, the nonprofit that runs his Twitter, anyway—recently reminded Twitter, “No spoilers, please,” suggesting he’s at least familiar with parts of the Constitution.

[via The Wrap]

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