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Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your hats for the playing of this video of a loud public toilet flushing for an astounding 43 seconds.

“I found the most excessive toiler flush ever,” reads the title of this video from Bradley Hunn. The toilet in question appears to be a public toilet, with both manual flush and automatic sensor options. At the beginning of the video, Hunn pushes the flush button, and the toilet flushes, loud and proud, for the next 43 seconds—far longer than one might expect a reasonable toilet to flush for.


Hunn also posted his discovery to Reddit, where the video of the powerful toilet has has earned more than 1,700 upvotes and nearly 350 comments.

“Reddit has arrived. Prepare for major le upvotes! If you don’t know what reddit is, it is an amazing community of intelligent people with the newest memes and trends. Cheers,” one commenter on YouTube writes about a video of a toilet that flushes for longer than usual, a perfect post you could stare at for an hour without determining if any irony is intended.

But while there’s no question that this toilet does flush for a excessive period of time that is no doubt a massive waste of water, journalistic ethics require us to cast a skeptical eye towards Hunn’s claim that this is the “most excessive toilet flush ever.” While there does not appear to be an official Guinness-adjudicated world record for longest toilet flush, many online have made a claim to the throne.

Each of these toilet flush times is impressive in its own right, but none can match this next toilet flush, which clocks in at a truly powerful 5:58. Could this toilet be the true, undisputed champ?

While the true most wasteful toilet remains in dispute, each of these toilets has surely given its all. May they each continue to waste obnoxious amounts of water, at least until someone fixes their flushometers. In the meanwhile, here’s John Cougar Mellencamp, with “Pink Houses.”

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