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Photo: Escape Room (Sony Pictures)

Despite seeming an awful lot like the sort of horror movie trash that usually gets dumped at the beginning of the year (the third or fourth spooookiest season!), Adam Robitel’s Escape Room was surprisingly good—or, if that’s a little too glowing, it at least wasn’t as bad as some of the later Saw movies. Now, much like everyone who owns some real estate at the local shopping center and isn’t sure what to do with it, Columbia Pictures has decided to give this Escape Room thing another shot.


According to Deadline, Columbia has made nearly $119 million on Escape Room (off of a $9 million budget), and it’s now developing a sequel with Robitel back in the intricately designed, trap-laden director’s chair. Deadline says plot details are “being kept under wraps,” but if we had to guess, we’d say the sequel will involve the evil Dr. Escape Room trapping another group of strangers in an evil escape room. (Yes, we know the mastermind isn’t really called Dr. Escape Room, we just think it’s a funny name.)

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