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Image: Netflix

The beginning of the end for Netflix’s BoJack Horseman is coming on October 25 (with the continuation of the end coming in January), but if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to all of your animal friends, human friends, and pun gags in the background, Netflix has released a brief teaser that’s all about looking back at the eponymous horse-man’s entire life. There’s not really anything new here, but it does give us all a chance to reflect on the many funny and sad and depressingly tragic things that have happened in this saga since it first started on Netflix. Aaron Paul suggested back in September that it was Netflix’s decision to cancel the show and not the creators’, but don’t worry about things like that just yet. Instead, worry about the many ways that BoJack’s hard childhood paved the way for the jerky, fucked-up stuff that he’s done as an adult. That’s much more fun.


Anyway, again, the first half of BoJack’s final season will premiere on October 25.

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