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Prepare for The Office by reading all our coverage of it

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Tonight, after nine seasons on the air, The Office will close up shop. The aptly titled "Finale" signals the end, and now NBC is scrambling for a suitable replacement. Over the years we've written a lot about The Office and talked to nearly every member of the core cast, and in preparation for the show's farewell here's a little walk down memory lane.

Aside from our exhaustive TV Club coverage, we've interviewed Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling (twice), Ellie Kemper, John Krasinski, Creed Bratton, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms (twice), B.J. Novak, Craig Robinson, Rashida Jones, and Michael Schur, and we went in-depth with recurring guest David Koechner in a Random Roles. And lest we forget about the show's original version, we've chatted with Ricky Gervais (twice), just for good measure. 

In TV Club 10 we highlighted the show's transition from largely dismissed mid-season offering to cultural force by picking the 10 episodes that best represented the series' lengthy run. And although we ranked it the #11 best show of the 2000s, we also pointed out how most of season nine—specifically its early episodes—nearly destroyed the thing so many hold dear. 

We'll be posting a review of The Office's finale shortly after it airs, but until then feel free to speculate wildly, mourn openly, and get your last uses of "That's what she said" out now in the comments.


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