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Prepare for hot flashes, because a Mrs. Doubtfire musical is heading to Broadway

Screenshot: Mrs. Doubtfire (YouTube)

Should Mrs. Doubtfire have been arrested? Maybe we’ll find out in the upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of the 1993 comedy (?) about a divorced dad who poses as a septuagenarian nanny in order to spend time with his estranged kids. Because, yeah, in addition to being very funny it’s also really kinda dark and that’s after a bunch of even bleaker scenes were cut.

According to Vulture, the musical will premiere on Broadway in March of 2020 following a run in Seattle beginning this November. Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick are behind the score and John O’Farrell lent Karey a hand with the book, which will come to life under the direction of Jerry Zaks. Rob McClure, a veteran of the hit Beetlejuice musical adaptation, will star as the titular alter ego of Daniel Hillard, who Robin Williams originated in the film. He’ll presumably lead a number of ditties about stuff like “hot flashes” and “drive-by fruitings” when not tapping through covers of “Matchmaker” and “Jump Around.”   


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