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Believe it or not, Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland actually performs most of the voices on his hit Adult Swim show, including Rick, Morty, and every character that sounds like a high-pitched weirdo, but you don’t become a superstar voice actor overnight. Luckily for you, Roiland has recorded a video for Adult Swim in which he reveals his hottest tips for voice-over success.

Now, considering that this is an Adult Swim video centering on Justin Roiland, you may expect this all to be an elaborate joke full of wacky tips that won’t really help you out at all, but you’d be dead wrong. This is a very straight-laced and serious video that is for serious voice actors only, and if you think any of it is funny—like, say, Roiland’s fear of hot tea, his puppy-assisted nap, or how much Hennessey he spills on his desk—then you’ll never be a superstar content creator like Justin Roiland.


To be fair, though, the fact that all Roiland can improvise at the end is Rick and Morty saying “help me” is really funny.

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