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Prepare for a Saturday spent on the couch with a Snapped exclusive

In an interview at this year’s CrimeCon convention in Nashville, Oxygen senior vice president of development Cori Abraham told The A.V. Club that the network’s switch to an all-crime format last summer was driven, at least in part, by its “women who kill” series Snapped—and more specifically, by the success of the network’s now-obligatory Snapped marathons on Saturday afternoons, which have an above-average retention rate from episode to episode. In other words, Oxygen sees you all out there in your sweatpants spending the entire afternoon watching true-crime comfort food, and is more than willing to keep the salacious documentaries coming.


So, as a sort of TGIF, we’ve got an exclusive look at this weekend’s guilty pleasure, the delightfully titled Snapped Notorious: Prescription For Death. The two-part special, which debuts tomorrow at 6 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. CT, profiles Charles Cullen and Kristen Gilbert, so-called “angels of death” who each killed multiple patients—some estimates say Cullen may have killed up to 400, and Gilbert up to 60—while working as nurses in New Jersey and Massachusetts, respectively.

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