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Praise the adult contemporary gods: Hennessey Youngman's new CVS Bangers mixtape is here

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Screenshot: Bono (Kevin Winter; Getty Images); Billy Ocean (YouTube); Eric Carmen (YouTube

It’s been more than five years since Hennessy Youngman, the alter ego of musician and artist Jayson Musson, dropped the third installment of his CVS Bangers series. If you’re unfamiliar, the mixtapes find the Brooklyn artist—who you may also know from hip-hop outfit Plastic Little or his “Art Thoughtz” YouTube series—punctuating a killer playlist of bygone “bangers with blaring air horn and gunshot drops and a foul-mouthed DJ who’s got a few surprises of his own in store. Musson’s previously described CVS Bangers as an “AUDIOSCAPE FOR WHEN YOU’RE BUYING TAMPONS OR A 12 PACK OF CONDOMS, A SAMPLING OF THOSE MAGIC TUNES THAT PLAY WHEN YOU’RE CONTEMPLATING HOW RIDICULOUS YOU WOULD LOOK CARRYING 24 ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER ON THE TRAIN.

According to a note from Musson, the fourth installment, titled “Antifascist Blues At The End Of The World, was due for release in 2016 but “the US election depressed me too much to finish it.” 

I had everything laid out too, but I was just like ‘fuck it,’” he continues. 
Anyway, this hasn’t been modified from its original track arrangement so take a sonic trip back to a pre-pandemic era where was just stuffing whole ass hands down our throats and into our noses and coughing into each other’s eyes with nary a second thought.”


The new mix is as hilarious and nostalgic as its predecessors, with Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical,” Kenn Kweder’s “Mommy And Daddy,” Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes,” and Erasure’s “A Little Respect” rounding out the impeccable tracklist. U2's “The Sweetest Thing,” a pharmacy staple, also rears its head, causing the DJ to promptly lose his shit.

Listen to the hour-long stream below. You’ve earned this.


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