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Power's Omari Hardwick to star in horror-thriller Spell

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images for STARZ)

Starz’s Power is coming to an end, finally freeing up star Omari Hardwick to do something other than put up with the intermittent crankiness of co-star 50 Cent, and now he’s found a new project that doesn’t involve 50 Cent at all. As reported by Variety, Hardwick is “in negotiations” to star in Spell, a “horror-thriller” from Hush and House At The End Of The Street director Mark Tonderai (that’s the 2008 Hush, not the 2016 Hush). Variety says the movie is about a man (Hardwick, if these negotiations work out) who crashes his plane on the way to a family member’s funeral in rural Appalachia. Luckily, he gets rescued. Unluckily, his rescuers are some creepy old people and he “has no way of knowing the dark machinations that lie in wait as he is pulled deeper and deeper into a sinister world.”

If horror-thrillers have taught us anything, it’s that we should all just stay out of rural Appalachia. Anyway, Spell will already be in theaters on August 28, 2020, which is less than a year from now.


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