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Power Rangers star charged with murder after all

Ricardo Medina Jr., in Power Rangers Wild Force

Eleven months after allegedly stabbing his roommate, Josh Sutter, with a sword, former Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina Jr. has been charged with murder by the Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s office. If convicted, the charge carries a potential life sentence. (The actor first appeared on the popular kids show in 2002, as part of Power Rangers Wild Force; a decade later, he returned to the franchise as a villain on 2012’s Power Rangers Samurai.)

The details of what occurred on January 31, 2014, the night Sutter died, are so far unclear, but Medina was taken in by police at the time, before being released after prosecutors decided not to press charges. (At the time, Medina told reporters, “I’m very, very, very sorry for what occurred,” and expressed his gratitute for his freedom.) The Los Angeles police have apparently changed their mind about the case in the intervening year, leading to Medina’s arrest today.


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