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Power Rangers’ new Megazord is looking kind of ripped

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

The new Power Rangers movie has been playing it coy when it comes to its biggest draw, the big, color-coded mecha known as Zords. Today, though, an Instagram post from the official Power Rangers account has given us our first look at the giant, dino-themed robots’ ultimate version, in the form of a toy design for the movie’s new Megazord. And we’ll be honest: it’s lookin’ kinda ripped.


Past Megazords—formed, Voltron-style, from the combination of each Ranger’s individual robot—have favored big, bulky designs, the better to wobble uncertainly while battling giant eyeball crabs or malevolent scissor chickens. But the new Megazord is svelte—possibly even lithe. We’re still four months out from Power Rangers’ release, but it’s nice to know that the people of Angel Grove won’t have to rely on out-of-shape robots to protect them from Rita Repulsa’s evil plot.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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