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Power outage forces Jimmy Kimmel to record tonight's show entirely on webcam

Apparently bored once it realized that there was no longer going to be any discussion of Lost, the phenomena of electricity finally up and bailed on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, shutting down the show’s control room, broadcast transmission center, and tape operations area an hour before Kimmel was due to tape tonight’s episode. Undeterred, Kimmel grabbed his MacBook and recorded the entire show—featuring guests Seth Rogen, John Henson, and Dierks Bentley—using only his webcam, with the end results airing tonight. So it’ll be the Jimmy Kimmel Live you’ve come to mostly ignore, only with a slower frame rate and the equally creeping suspicion that the timing of this announcement—and depending on how cynical you are, possibly the incident itself—was just a bid for added publicity that counted on bloggers reporting the mishap as though it were actual news. Oh lord, we’re playing right into their hands!!!


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