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Remember when the Harry Potter books were just books and not a multimedia empire with far-reaching tendrils that stretch all across the entertainment and theme park worlds? Because we certainly don’t. We have always lived in the Wizarding World, and we always will. Speaking of: J.K. Rowling’s official Harry Potter fan site Pottermore—not to be confused with the unofficial kind, which probably has way more slash fiction—is about to go the way of Lily and James, and it’s being replaced with a new platform called The Wizarding World.


As announced on the Pottermore site (via Collider), the existing content from the Pottermore site is going to be packed up and shipped over to WizardingWorld.com, where it can expand a bit further than Pottermore would’ve allowed and get some “new, enhanced surprises.” You’ll have to set up a Wizarding World account, but you will be able to link it with an existing Pottermore account, so you won’t have to go through the Sorting Hat thing again and risk being put in one of the bad Hogwarts houses (you know which ones are bad, we won’t bother saying it).

(It’s all of them except Hufflepuff.)

You can find more information at that Pottermore link up above, but even if you don’t need more information, go read the official statement so you can see just how many Harry Potter references they pack into the thing.

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