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Postpone your demise until you've seen Yahoo's list of "100 Movies To See Before You Die: The Modern Classics"

In case you were planning on ending it all today, stop and consider: Have you seen Avatar yet? What about Swingers, Clueless, or Borat? If not, undo the noose, step back from that precipice, or throw away the KFC Double Down and hie thee to a video store, posthaste. Yahoo has amended its list of “100 Movies To See Before You Die” with a selection of “Modern Classics” that you absolutely must watch before you’re allowed to exit this plane of existence. The films were chosen “based on their artistry, originality, and pure cinematic entertainment,” and also apparently the presence of Catherine Keener, who appears in the largest chunk of them and thus, according to Yahoo, “personifies the best of the era.” The complete list is here, organized by year of release. Make sure you’ve treated your brains to all of these before you blow them out; the Internet hath spoken.


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