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Netflix continues its foray into big-name action movies: Following the execrable Michael Bay production 6 Underground comes Spenser Confidential, Peter Berg’s attempt at a gritty, ’70s-style cop production, based on the novel Wonderland by Ace Atkins, which is in turn based on Robert B. Parker’s series of Spenser detective novels (check your dad’s bookshelf). Netflix is billing this movie as an “action-comedy.”


Berg favorite Mark Wahlberg plays Spenser, a cop who got framed and sent to prison trying to take down a dirty-cop-fueled drug cartel. Now he’s out, and guess what: Everyone’s after him. At least he has Alan Arkin on his side as his old boxing mentor, along with Winston Duke as his sidekick Hawk. Post Malone makes his film debut as Spenser’s rival in the big house, who drops lines like, “You’re about to walk barefoot through the gates of hell.” Plus, Wahlberg gets to crash cars all around his native beloved Boston.

You can check it out for yourself when Spenser Confidential drops on March 6.

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