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Post-hardcore parents can put babies to bed with a lullaby version of Senses Fail

For hip parents, there’s only so much Laurie Berkner, Raffi, and The Wiggles that they can take. Those with a more punk bend now have a solution for lulling their children to sleep with re-workings of pop punk and post-hardcore bands’ music. Sparrow Sleeps is a two-person outfit out of Indiana that has released albums of lullabies based on the music of MXPX, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, and others. Their latest album, The Crier, is made up of soothing versions of Senses Fail songs.

Casey Cole and Peter Lockhart have replaced the crashing guitars and screaming with simple xylophone, piano, bells, and ukulele sounds meant to soothe even the most hardcore of babies. Hipness begins early so it’s important that parents impart their musical tastes as soon as possible on the impressionable minds.

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