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Post-credits sequences were a thing before Marvel, believe it or not

Screenshot: Warner Bros. Pictures

Due to an overabundance of “cinematic universes” and sequel fodder, post-credits sequences have become such a thing in modern moviegoing that they’ve become less of a surprise and more of an obligation. These days, the post-credits sequence functions as a teaser of sorts of a new hero (as seen in the latest Power Rangers film), a new villain (à la the first Avengers), or even the foreshadowing of a forthcoming battle (who else heard that Godzilla roar at the end of Kong: Skull Island?).

In simpler times, however, the post-credits sequence could serve multiple roles. A new video from WhatCulture compiles some notable examples, some of which are truly surprising (L.A. Confidential, really?).

As evidenced by films as diverse as Django Unchained, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, and Lethal Weapon 3, the post-credits sequence was more often than not a punchline for some unresolved joke, though it could also function as an elegy of sorts (L.A. Confidential), an accompanying short film (Napoleon Dynamite), or, as in the case of Ghost World, a peek at an alternate reality of sorts.


And then there’s 2005’s Constantine, which boasts a long, weird post-credits sequence that nobody can quite figure out.

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