Robert C. O'Brien's Newbery-winning 1971 children's novel Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH is a true classic, telling the story of an alliance between a family of field mice and a band of escaped laboratory rats, in a mini-epic form that touches on questions of loyalty, maturity and self-reliance. Don Bluth's 1982 animated adaptation The Secret Of NIMH added elements of magic in an attempt to cash-in on the then-hot fantasy genre, at the expense of O'Brien's larger themes. So for once it may be good news that a well-liked old movie is being considered for a remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer Cary Granat (former honcho at Dimension Films and Walden Media) is in talks with The Illusionist writer/director Neil Burger about a new NIMH that could combine live action and animation. Here's hoping that they leave out the swordfights and enchanted amulets this time.